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Smart Square Mercy is a scheduling and analytics portal for Mercy healthcare. Smart Square helps healthcare organizations save time and efficiently reduce staffing problems. If you are associated with Mercy, and this is your first introduction to the Smart Square portal, you are on the right webpage. Although Smart Square Mercy is an easy-to-use portal, if you face difficulty navigating the software, the following article is all you need to build a functional level of competence.

The following sections include prominent features of Mercy Smart Square, a brief overview of Mercy’s healthcare system, and Smart Square Scheduling software. Here you will also learn how to access your account, register a new one, and password resetting process.

What is Smart Square Mercy?

Smart Square Mercy is an online portal that provides efficient scheduling functionality and comes with predictive analytics. The tool helps staff customize and automate calendars for hospitals and Smart Square Mercy Login – health systems.Having access to this software means you don’t have to barter and beg for filling shifts or worry about mismatching shifts among staff and doctors.

Features Of Mercy Smart Square

The following are the prominent features of Mercy Smart Square Portal:

Predictive Analytics

Smart Square comes with Avantas Predictive Model, a powerful predictive scheduling tool. This feature estimate healthcare staffing needs starting 120 days out from the shift, enabling you to create better schedules and staffing plans sooner.

Healthcare Scheduling Tools

If you have been in the healthcare industry, you may already know that hospitals and health systems take a different approach to scheduling shifts. This is where Mercy Smart Square comes into play. As it provides various schedules and a combination of strategies, you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. Cyclic Scheduling: Application of repeatable patterns
  2. Self-Scheduling: Selection of shifts to build core staff schedules
  3. Pre-Posting: Posting and selection of open shifts requiring manager approval
  4. Open Shift Management: Automated and patented open shift management and incentive program
  5. On-calling Scheduling: Supports pre-scheduled on-call needs, including on-call self-scheduling
  6. Rapid Shift Recruit: Text-based recruiting platform for fast-approaching shifts

Business Intelligence Tool

Smart Square Mercy comes with various business intelligence tools that provide access to timely, actionable information. It essentially gives the upper hand to the manager or decision-maker as it helps them spot the emergence of negative trends and make adjustments accordingly.

  1. Schedule Dashboard: helps the organization in predicting staffing outcomes and trends. The best part? Using the schedule dashboard, you can pinpoint opportunities for additional focus, such as overtime.
  2. Financial Dashboard: If you want to look for daily productivity outcomes and compare actual worked hours to budgeted hours or costs for both variable and fixed hours, the financial dashboard got it all covered for you.
  3. Variance Dashboard: When you blend the schedule dashboard and financial dashboard, what comes out of that is the variance dashboard. It provides the reasons responsible for the variances between scheduled and actual hours worked. The best part? With the help of the variance dashboard, you, as a manager, can also keep an eye on your staff and identify trends such as staff members clocking in earlier or staying later than their scheduled time.

Saving Time

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is true that scheduling or staffing software saves you a lot of precious time. Having access to the Smart Square Mercy portal, managers can build better schedules faster. Moreover, it assists to figure out things that could cause trouble down the line. If you want to cut the time managers spend in scheduling and staffing in half, Smart Square Mercy has got your back.


The unique selling point of Smart Square is probably its transparency. It lets you view staffing levels vs. demand across the organization on a single screen. For instance, if you want to pinpoint areas of excess or need to make adjustments to fix it, the best way is to use a system view. It lets you see everything at the hospital or facility, department, and unit/clinic levels. 

Mercy Smart Square Login at

It is pretty easy to access Smart Square Mercy. Here is how to do it:

Smart Square Mercy Requirements

  • To log in to your account at Smart Square Mercy, you will need your Network ID and password.
    A PC with an active internet connection
    Once you are already to log in, follow the steps given below:
  • Firstly, head over to the official Smart Square Mercy website from this link.
  • After clicking on the above link, you will be redirected to the official webpage of the Smart Square login portal.
  • Next, you have to scroll down and click on “Continue to SmartSquare.” In case you come across any error, simply tap on “Alternate login”
  • You will be asked to enter your “Network ID” and “Password” to log in. Enter your user ID in the format “domain\user” or “[email protected].”in”.

Reset Your Smart Square Mercy Password

Individual users can’t reset their passwords for Smart Square Mercy. When you sign in to your account, you are accessing the Mercy organization account. It means resetting a password or registering a new user can only be done via the HR Department. If you don’t remember your Smart Square Mercy password, we advise you to contact the internal IT help desk.

How to Register for Smart Square Mercy Account?

  • Unfortunately, there is no option to register a new user or account at Smart Square Mercy.
  • While researching for this article, we scoured the internet but couldn’t find any links leading up to account registration.
  • Understandably, Smart Square Mercy is designed for Mercy Healthcare and the team, it can only be accessed by the organization.
  • If you are an employee of Mercy healthcare and have been asked to work on Smart Square but haven’t gotten your user credentials for the scheduling software, reach out to your HR department or your manager to provide you with the Network ID and password.

A Brief Overview of Mercy Healthcare

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, in 1871, Mercy is a not-for-profit Catholic healthcare organization serving Grand Rapids, Muskegon, the Lakeshore and the surrounding communities. Currently, it is located in the Midwestern United States with headquarters situated in Greater St. Louis in the west St. Louis County, Missouri suburb of Chesterfield.Mercy Health is a leading hospital with renowned clinical leadership in oncology, cardiology, orthopedics and neurology. Michigan Business and Professional Association (MBPA) has named Mercy Health is named as “West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.”